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Inner Immersion is committed to training Licensed Mental Health Professionals in an effective, groundbreaking tool, contributing to the solution for the current crisis in mental health and mental health care in the US and Canada

Empowering Mental Health Professionals

Why Inner Immersion?

Licensed Mental Health Professionals (LMHPs) play a crucial role in meeting the increasing demand for effective and compassionate care but are experiencing an alarming rate of burnout and need more effective tools.

Inner Immersion is cutting-edge behavioral health program that equips LMHPs to gently make a breakthrough and identify core wounds, helping participants make a significant shift in just two to four sessions, with ongoing access to digital resources, fostering:

  • Resilience
  • Self-Esteem
  • Trust & Hope
  • Accountability

Why Certify in Inner Immersion?

Empower Lives, Transform Communities:

  • Join our exclusive team of trusted mental health support in a revolutionary program.
  • Enhance your skills and expertise with our specialized training.
  • Earn the Inner Immersion Certification and unlock exclusive career opportunities.
  • Make a lasting difference and touch more lives.

We Offer:

Specialized Training: As a certified Inner Immersion professional, you'll gain access to an exclusive training program, where you'll learn how to conduct group and one-on-one Inner Immersion experiences for the underserved, first responders and those in addiction recovery dealing with traumatic incidents, depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief, and SUDs.

Experiential Learning: Enhance your practical skills through online immersive experiences, case studies, and real-world practicum experience. Walk away with the confidence and tools to make a lasting impact on the lives of those you serve.

Holistic Approach: These immersive experiences go beyond traditional therapy, incorporating evidence-based mindfulness, somatic practices, and other cutting-edge modalities to facilitate deep healing and personal transformation - the evolution of mental health care.

Expert Collaboration: You'll be part of a diverse community of mental health professionals who share a passion for supporting these focused populations. Through regular collaboration, peer supervision, and knowledge sharing, you'll learn from experts in the field and continuously grow as a practitioner.

Research Opportunities: Engage in cutting-edge research initiatives alongside leading experts in the field. Contribute to evidence-based practices and help shape the future of mental health.

Continued Support: Benefit from ongoing mentorship, supervision, and access to a network of professionals dedicated to improving mental health outcomes for individuals.

    Earn well above industry standards, working as little as 90 hours a month that's less than 23 hours a week!
    We believe in work-life balance. Accept as many sessions as you'd like per month to accommodate your personal commitments
    You're no longer limited by location or offices; we have opportunities to lead on-site or remote sessions.
    Join our elite team, working with hospitals, first responders, and vulnerable populations, having more of a positive impact in more lives.

"The idea is to help people realize how important they are, how relevant they are, how they matter, how they are in a very, very specific way, special.
We all have something special about us. And to identify, to be aware of that, so that we can make more informed decisions moving forward, can change lives in a profound way. A lot of what we do is reconnect people with hope and opportunity."

Jose Hernandez


"I'm always looking for new ways to help our clients recover faster and more efficiently. And with Inner Immersion, I saw results that would typically take us 30 days in one session. That alone is astonishing."

Scott Tremblett,CCAC, CCTACP 

Executive Director, Red Road Recovery

Calling All Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Counselors, Certified Addiction Professionals & Mental Health Professionals

  • What if you could identify the heart of your clients' issues in just one or two therapy sessions?
  • What if you were trained to use a comprehensive tool specifically designed to get clients with trauma out of their heads and into their bodies?
  • What if you could meaningfully and effectively support your clients as they address their existential and spiritual concerns?

You can with the Inner Immersion Certification Program

Inner Immersion is a highly effective, breakthrough mindfulness protocol that facilitates rapid transformation and healing. The practice employs aspects of evidence based psychotherapeutic interventions to effect meaningful growth, incorporating modalities such as:
Mindfulness-based meditations

Our proprietary art-based guided meditations help participants noticeably experience a reduction in stress and anxiety.

Art and sound therapy

Our drawing and interpretation exercises give participants a window into their subconscious, gently revealing core issues, providing insight, clarity, new perspectives and solutions.


Our breathwork exercises provide a simple method for creating physiological symptoms in conjunction with our guided meditation, enhancing the experience of connecting with their highest or true self.

Psychodynamic somatic experiencing

Works with the body's wisdom to help the participant access and change feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.

If you want access to ...

  • a practical and potent mindfulness modality that actually works
  • a tool that can be used as a stand-alone intervention for insight and reflection
  • a resource that can support you in assessing your clients' mental health needs effectively and efficiently
  • a dynamic and engaging intervention that can be incorporated into individual or group psychotherapy
  • a way to reconnect with your calling and make a positive impact working in mental health

Then Contact us to Learn More or Apply Now

From my own personal experience and in observing participants, I consider Inner Immersion  truly groundbreaking, fostering a sense of identity, belonging, and empowerment in the healing process.

I chose to certify in this modality and this invaluable training will empower me to make a substantial difference in the lives of those I serve, aligning with the initial purpose that drew me to this field of practice. Ultimately, it is giving me a renewed sense of fulfillment in my career and I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to train with Jose."

Iveth Zwyssig, M.A., RCC



I have found the Inner Immersion workshops to be incredibly healing in my personal life, and I can see them being really helpful in my therapeutic work with clients as well.

L P, M.S


One one of Jose's visits to our facility I chose to do the immersion myself... and the experience blew me away. It helped me connect some dots that I didn't even realize needed connecting. I believed in the program from what I saw in clients, but having that firsthand experience, how it affected me, that's a different ball game. And I got excited. Because when something works for me, I want to share it with others.

Scott Tremblett

Executive Director, Red Road Recovery

Program Overview

The Inner Immersion Certification Program is a 40-hour program that spans over 12 weeks, designed to accommodate the schedules of those working full time. Program components include:
  • Introduction to Inner Immersion
  • Initial Inner Immersion Group Workshop (6 Hours) remote or in-person with class and Q&A with Jose - prerequisite
  • Initial (1 hour) One-on-One Session with Jose - prerequisite 
  • Initial (1/2 hour) Art Interpretation with Jose - prerequisite 
  • Online Training Modules (24 Hours)
  • Final Exam
  • Practicum, Case Studies, Art Interpretations, Practice Group Immersions and One-on-Ones
  • Annual Review 
Upon completion of certification and case review, you can elect to be listed
on the Inner Immersion website as a Certified Facilitator.
 Career opportunities with Inner Immersion offer generous compensation above industry standards and we are committed to supporting a healthy work-life balance for our facilitators 

Application Process:

1. Fill in Application Form (scroll below)
2. Attend an Inner Immersion™ Group session (6 hours)
3. Attend an Inner Immersion™ One on One session (30-60 min)
4. Attend an Art Interpretation Explanation (30-60 min)
5. Screening Interview over Zoom (30 min)

I literally think this is the kind of thing that could help any anybody. It's very universal. And it's very powerful and accessible. So yes, I would recommend it to anybody.


Inner Immersion Participant

[Inner] Immersion has shed light down unexplored or forgotten corridors. The session was multi-faceted.  Cathartic is the first word that comes to mind if I had to sum up [Inner] Immersion in one word. Each session is unique too, adding to the overall experience.


Performing Artist & Licensed Massage Therapist, Florida

I had this experience that I saw myself, the parts of myself that I would judge all seemed to fuse into one Mass of energy and move toward me until it eventually became part of me, the part I was previously ashamed of and didn't want to show myself, let alone the outside world.

It evolved me into a more complete, full, perfectly imperfect self. The sessions did do so much healing for me. Thank you!


Actor, Florida

I had the rare opportunity to attend one of Jose's Inner Immersion group sessions which provided a multitude of modalities. I found that the incorporation of sound and meditative techniques were greatly enhanced through the use of color, frequency and art. It brought me to a new level of meditation that I have found nowhere else. I recommend this experience to anyone who wishes to find a deep level of peace to the soul. It is truly a unique personalized experience.


Holistic Practitioner, Penticton

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Please Note:
The Inner Immersion Certification Program is open to Licensed Mental Health and recovery/addiction Professionals only.
For details please request our candidacy requirements in the Questions/Comments section of the form below.